Facts Regarding Anesthesia

Most recently with Wake Forest University School in the Department of Anesthesiology, John Charles Gerancher brought an immense amount of knowledge and expertise to his role. During the course of his career, JC Gerancher has held medical licensure in Washington, North Carolina, and California.

A practice that is dedicated to the care and pain relief of patients, anesthesia allows patients to undergo various surgeries and procedures comfortably and without pain. Outlined below are a number of facts regarding the process.

1. The Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation exists to increase patient safety and knowledge regarding the practice.

2. When in an operating room, the anesthesiologist’s main role is to monitor and continually assess the patient’s vital life functions, including blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing.

3. Anesthesia for surgery is administered in doctor’s offices, hospitals, medical centers, and ambulatory surgical centers.

4. Over 40 million anesthetics are administered annually throughout the United States.