Study Examines Nerve Block Records Development

A paper co-written by John Charles Gerancher looks closely at the peripheral nerve block (PNB), its popularity, and PNB methods of documentation in circulation. The study attributes the growth of PNB to several developments, including the increasing technical sophistication of instruments and the varying number of anesthetics on the market. However, John Gerancher and his co-authors note that PNB procedures have become more difficult to document owing to limited space provided on anesthesia records. This is problematic because precise records are absolutely essential to proper billing and compliance with regulatory statutes.

Drawing on information collected from PNB practitioners and institutional providers throughout North America, the study’s authors designed a form that allows for the proper and complete documentation of PNB procedures. Of course, to fully utilize the form, hospitals and other establishments may have to change minor details like abbreviations.

JC Gerancher’s paper appeared in the journal Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine under the title “Development of a Standardized Peripheral Nerve Block Procedure Note Form.”


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