Wake Forest Is Home to Top-Ranked Anesthesiology Program

Physician John Charles Gerancher was instrumental in establishing the anesthesiology teaching program at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Thanks in part to JC Gerancher’s contributions, the Wake Forest anesthesiology training program has attained many notable commendations, including being named one of the top five U.S. anesthesiology training programs.

The current faculty at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center includes many distinguished members. Nineteen members of the faculty have attained ranking among America’s top doctors, and six are principal investigators on major National Institute of Health funded research projects. Reflecting the program’s quality of leadership, eleven faculty members have gone on to serve as the chairs of other universities’ departments of anesthesiology. Moreover, the current editor-in-chief of Anesthesiology, the premier medical journal covering the discipline, also serves as a faculty member at Wake Forest.

Since the inception of the Wake Forest anesthesiology program in 1967, over 300 physicians have sought training there. Under the guidance the school’s esteemed faculty, these medical students receive excellent foundational education in anesthesiology.