Regional Anesthesia “Advertorials” are still available on the web

Peripheral Nerve Block Patient Care
Peripheral Nerve Block Patient Care

I refound this series of informative editorials which I believe were commissioned by B. Braun from 2004 to 2009.  Contributors are quite a few experts in the field of regional anesthesia and acute pain management sharing their opinions on these topics. These are from a time when Regional Anesthesia benefited from strong advocacy and these editorials provided it!

You can get to all the articles by following the three articles which are highlighted. These are linked to all the topics below………..


  • TAP: A New Standard for Abdominal Surgery?
  • Is <0.2mA a reliable indicator of intraneural injection?
  • 5 Top Tips for Block Reimbursement
  • A Breakthrough in Nerve Stimulation
  • A Two-Pronged Approach to PONV Prevention
  • Get Total Knee Patients Moving With Continuous Nerve Blocks
  • Nerve Blocks: The Right Choice in a Down Economy
  • Nerve Blocks: A Hospital CEO’s Perspective
  • Paravertebral Blocks: Benefits Beyond Expectations
  • Blocks Help Hernia Patients Go Home Faster
  • Intra-Articular Infusions or Nerve Blocks?
  • Continuous Nerve Blocks Boost Patient Confidence
  • Yes You Can Get Reimbursed for Nerve Blocks
  • Peripheral Nerve Blocks: A Wise Investment
  • A Surgeon’s View: Dispelling Some Common PNB Myths
  • A Surgeon’s Perspective: The Power of PNBs
  • Acute Pain Nurse: Key to Continuous Infusion Success
  • A Breakthrough in Nerve Stimulation
  • No Pain, Big Gain
  • Our Insurers Pay for Peripheral Nerve Blocks
  • Fortifying Our Future With PNB Training
  • Stimulating Catheters for Outpatient Surgery
  • When Should We Use Stimulating Catheters?
  • What Is Ultrasound’s Role in Peripheral Nerve Blocks?
  • There’s No Better Advertisement than a Happy Patient!
  • Avoiding Post-Lithotripsy Pain
  • Regional Anesthesia Took My Pain From 10 to 0
  • How to Make Peripheral Nerve Blocks Even Safer
  • Helping Patients Understand Regional Blocks
  • Ultrasound and Nerve Stimulation: Perfect Together
  • The Post-Opioid Era
  • Practical Pain Control
  • In Our PACU, Blocks Made Miles of Difference
  • Filling the Analgesic Gap
  • Is Regional Anesthesia More Cost-Efficient?
  • Prime Patients Early for PNB Success
  • With Nerve Blocks, Time is Safety
  • Nerve Blocks Improve Patient Well-Being
  • The PNBs Have It
  • Continuous Peripheral Nerve Blocks: The Jury Is In
  • Is Regional Anesthesia More Cost-Efficient?
  • Block On!
  • Regional Anesthesia: Lessons from Iraq
  • Help is On the Way
  • The Promise of Pediatric Peripheral Nerve Blocks
  • Building a Better Regional Anesthesia Procedure Note
  • Perception is Everything
  • Peripheral Nerve Stimulators Improve Patient Comfort
  • Regional Anesthesia Helps Elderly Patients Stay Alert and On Track
  • 4 Ways to Make Continuous Infusions Run More Smoothly
  • Tips for Managing Orthopedic Regional Anesthesia Patients
  • How to Bill for Regional Anesthesia
  • How to Ease Into Regional Blocks
  • 3 Things to Know About Regional Anesthesia Programs